Thursday, October 14, 2010

Thursday chef night

Cal and I made pizza while Paul took Eil to his soccer practice. He had fun learning new vocabulary (rolling pin, zucchini) as well as smelling and tasting all of the ingredients! So much fun!

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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Dinnertime Games

Last night was one of the first of a series of kid dinners by myself as the Scot is now coaching club soccer.  The fall ushers in a very welcome more structured time in the house!  Before (and during) a serious battle of wills (which I won) over eating some noodles, we decided to play a quiz game.

For the new kindergartener:  “How did I cook this chicken?  Was it a) grilled, b) fried, or c) roasted?”

                                                        “What are these pointy things called?  Sticks, grass, or skewers?”

For the new 3-year old:                         “Which is a fruit? Broccoli, apple, or bread?”

It was fun and the kids wanted no other prize rather than to be the one who made a “Ding Ding!” or “EEEHHH” sound for the right or wrong answers.  It was more of a conversation starter, really. 

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